Steroids for ABM

We craft Prospects & Contexts for b2b ABM. Our primary market is Tech.

"Prospects & Contexts 1.0" -  carefully crafted lists put in the context.

Prospect lists are nothing without context. Salespeople often lack time to research these contexts. We give your salesforce list of prospects and contexts they experience right now. So your salespeople can reach the right people armed with knowledge about them, write better openers, do SMM and this way - learn more about their ABM target domain.

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We investigate technology, do market research, leverage OSINT and relevant techniques to complement ABM campaigns

The more important thing is that we truly dig into the context. We have an anger for information.

Our focus markets are Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy, Science, IoT and Cybersecurity.

We want you to know your client domains.

Reach out few people who are just the right buyers 

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